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Saturday of the 29 week in ordinary time 'b'

Each one of us has time for repentance. Some of us- and I believe- most of us, don’t need to be worried about the day of judgment. Yes, we all are sinners, and we are all in need of repentance, but if we are aware of that, then we are safe. Because if you and I, even though sinners, are aware of our sinfulness and humbly keep asking God to forgive us, then there nothing is to worry about. There is only little forgiveness for those who are proud, thinking that they don’t need to be forgiven and continue to live a sinful life. That pride is the worst thing. But God is patient, and is waiting, and is giving each person enough time to realize their mistake, and to ask for forgiveness. Some will, some will not. It is up to us and up to them.

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