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Saturday of the 3 week of Easter ‘b’

Only those who are the strongest and have the strongest faith will stay. Will stay where? Will stay with Jesus, with the Church, and with the sacraments. Only the strongest will stay and follow Jesus. “Many of his disciples returned to their former way of life and no longer walked with him.” During the pandemic, all over the world, people need to follow certain rules and regulations. There are limits to our behavior everywhere, wherever we go. Unfortunately, there are also limits in our churches. You are probably saddened by the fact that many churches are closing or are discouraged because of the scandals in our church. But what do you do with that? Do you get angry, disappointed, stop going to church, go somewhere else, perhaps another church? Nothing wrong with that, but there are some who don’t want to come back to church and will never be back, sad. Jesus’ teaching was difficult to accept to many. The church’s teaching can be challenging too, now that we are facing such times when we cannot worship openly like we used to. Will this turn us away from the church or even from Jesus? I hope not. It is very difficult to accept some things, but let us never lose the faith. Only the strongest will stay!

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