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Saturday of the 3 week of Lent ‘b’

Some time ago, not too long after I became a pastor for the first time, I had met with my spiritual director and he asked me to have a little evaluation of myself to see what I have been able to accomplish so far. He asked me to think about the things that I was proud of, things that brought me joy. I remember that I was able to point out many wonderful things. I did this, I did that… As I was relating all my accomplishments to him, I realized I was simply bragging about myself. But when he asked me to point out the things that I fell short with and continued to be struggles for me, or even what I am not good at, I realized this was more difficult. In the gospel today, Jesus tells the parable about two people who prayed in the temple. One was bragging about himself and saying how good a child of God he was, but the other was very humble and was able to admit his sinfulness. God knows us like nobody else. We don’t need to tell Him how good we are but simply to be humble and to admit that we still need His forgiveness and help.

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