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Saturday of the 31 week in ordinary time ‘b’

It always takes time to be good at something. It takes time to learn, and to practice. For example, before a pilot is entrusted with flying a real plane and carrying people, he or she needs to practice with different flight simulators. A doctor, before he is entrusted to help people with their illnesses, needs to learn and practice, because if he or she is not ready, they can cause more damage than healing. Before you let your child cut the grass, you want to make sure that he or she is ready to do so. In a similar way, God is watching us because He wants to know if we are trustworthy with small things, before he will entrust us with something that may impact the lives of other people. So, if you and I are faithful with small things, fulfilling our Christian obligations, like prayer, spiritual reading, attending mass, receiving sacraments, then God may entrust us with much bigger responsibilities; but if we are not, then we may not be ready to help others.

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