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Saturday of the 33 week in ordinary time (presentation of the Blesses Virgin Mary)

What will happen after I die? Will I go to heaven? And what will heaven look like? Will I be reunited with my grandparents, parents, with my spouse or a child? What will we look like, how will we be able to communicate? Don’t you have these kinds of questions in your mind? I think we all do. We do because we are limited to knowing only the things we see, we hear, we experience in this life. There is a certain scheme in this life and we tend to think that a similar scheme will be in heaven: people, relationships, attachment to others, love, friendship. Jesus doesn’t tell us how it will be in heaven (nor does St. Paul), but He tells us that it will be different. He tells us that in the Kingdom, we won’t long for those things that we long for here; we simply won’t need them. I believe that over there it will be so much better, so much more joy and happiness. This helps me to believe, to have faith and hope.

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