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Saturday of the 34 week in ordinary time

In many of our homes, Christmas decorations are already on display. We can see them all over now. The commercials on our TV screens are mostly about gifting suggestions for this coming Christmas. On the radio, holiday songs are already playing. But in the Church, we are still far away from the full Christmas season and we are just starting Advent. I am not sure about you, but for me when Christmas day finally arrives, I am kind of overwhelmed by this beautiful season. Christmas season begins on December 25 and goes on for a number of days and weeks afterward. But because this season is already all around us, we may be a little bewildered, sleepy, drowsy and not even well prepared to welcome Christ on the Day itself. Today Jesus reminds us, yes, this world is already anxious about celebrating Christmas and maybe has forgotten that the Messiah will indeed come into this world. But for you: “Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy from carousing and drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life, and that day catch you by surprise like a trap.”

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