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Saturday of the 4 week of Lent ‘b’

If someone had asked you: where is Jesus today, what would you say? I would probably respond that He can be found in the Eucharist, then I’d add that He can be found in the Gospel, or that He is in Heaven watching over all of us. We all have certain idea of Jesus -- where He is, who He is, and what He looks like. When Jesus came to this world in His human appearance over two thousand years ago, many didn’t recognize Him because they had their own mental images of the Messiah, of the Savior. That’s why they say in the gospel reading today: “The Christ will not come from Galilee, will he?” They simply couldn’t accept the fact that Christ could be a simple local man, one of them. They expected Him to come with all kinds of power and majesty and most likely directly from Heaven. I am reminded today that Christ is like one of us. He is present not only in the Eucharist and in the Gospel reading but in all of my brothers and sister, in the poor, in the hungry, in a person with an addiction and in those that I don’t like too much. Yes, Christ is in each person, but sometimes it is hard to accept that.

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