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Saturday of the 5 week in ordinary time ‘b’

I have to admit that I am not good with numbers. But today’s Gospel is all about a variety of numbers: “they have been with me for three days”, they had seven loafs of bread, they picked up the fragments left over which filled seven baskets, and there were about four thousand people. Even though I may not be good at math and not so good with numbers, numbers are very important and meaningful, not only in our lives but even in the bible. Numbers can be very helpful in living a good Christian life. Maybe next time you do your examination of conscience, you can ask yourself things like: how many people have I helped lately, how much did I donated to the poor, how many times have I sinned, how many times was I mean to others, how many times have I lied, how many times did I said a good word to my relatives and neighbors, how many times did I spend on talking to God. I think Jesus likes numbers.

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