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Saturday of the 5 week of Lent ‘b’

There is no way that everybody ever will be happy! Or, you can’t please everyone! Don’t you hear that often? As a pastor, I have learned this lesson and have experienced it very quickly. And I admit: no, I can’t please everyone. Some will like my decisions, some will not. Some will like my style of ministering, other will not. Some will like me, and some would rather crucify me! That’s the way it is, and it has always been. Did everyone agree with Jesus? Of course not! Did all of the people like Him. Nope! Did people believe that He is the Messiah? Some did, others didn’t. Today’s Gospel reading reminds me again that I will never please everyone; it’s simply impossible. You also won’t be able to do that. Just like some of the Jews from the Gospel reading, they believed in Him and started following Him, but many didn’t and wanted Him dead.

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