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Saturday of the 6 week in ordinary time ‘c’

We need to come down form the mountain. Have you ever been hiking? Back in Poland I lived very close to the mountains, so most weekends and vacations I would spend doing some hiking with friends. Going up takes some time and energy. There are times that the way up becomes very difficult to the point where you think you can’t make it. However, if you do get to the top, despite all the difficulties and tiredness, the view pays off! Very quickly you forget about that way up and only enjoying the magnificent view. You want to stay up there; you don’t want to go back, go down, to the world you just came from. The disciples on the mountain of Transfiguration experienced something even more magnificent, so no wonder they wanted to stay there forever -- let us build three tents, so we can stay here longer. But Jesus reminds them that they need to go back. We also need to go back to the world we came from. Not only come down from the peak of the high mountain, but from any religious experiences. While you pray, attend the mission, or go to mass, you may want to stay there and not go back. But Jesus reminds us today that all those peaceful and prayerful experiences prepare us to bring them to this world. We can’t stay there, at least not yet. We need to take that magnificent view and bring it to others.

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