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Saturday of the Second Week of Christmas ‘a’

Jn 2:1-11

Occasionally a young, engaged couple would call the parish office and ask if a priest or deacon would bless their marriage in some fancy places – e.g., in the park, on the beach, or in a banquet hall. I aways think that the best and proper place for a Catholic marriage is in the church. Why? Because the couple would be promising those beautiful vows to each other in God’s house, in front of His altar, asking Him to be part of their marriage, and to bless, enrich, and protect their new family. Can there be anything more beautiful than that? Jesus and Mary were invited to the wedding in Cana in Galilee. Because Jesus was part of the wedding, He saved the hosts from an embarrassment -- that they didn’t plan ahead and prepare enough wine. As you well know, Jesus performed His very first miracle that day and changed the water into a good tasting wine. This whole story should teach us something -- it is not about the wine, but it is about making Jesus part of our lives, inviting Him to be the guest not only during our wedding, but to take Him into our homes and our lives. Only when Jesus is present, we will be able to overcome and defeat all temptations and difficulties in our lives.

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