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Saturday of the Second Week of Lent ‘a’

The beautiful parable of the prodigal son teaches us once again that God does not act as we humans do. We often portray God in a way of our human thinking, understanding, and acting. However, our God is above all of that. Let me give you an example: someone got ill, and she asked me -- Is God punishing me for that terrible sin I committed in my past? We people hold grudges, we are revengeful, we are slow in forgiving, but God never holds any grudges. He would never punish you for your sins; He is quick in forgiving; He loves you unconditionally. All He wants is to have a sinner repent and come back to Him. The prodigal son was proud and arrogant. He had abandoned his father, he misused his father’s trust. However, he was able to admit his mistakes and beg for forgiveness. His father never punished him, didn’t criticize him, didn’t yell at him -- he simply embraced his son and welcomed him back. We should be thankful for having a Father who loves us, despite our sinfulness.

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