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Saturday of the Second Week of Lent ‘b’


I often talk to parents who express their sadness because their child has strayed away from the church. They say that they were brought up in the Catholic religion, but now he or she has stopped practicing, stopped going to church. I remember that in my teenage years, I was kind of like that. I was searching, looking for answers, I was questioning my religion, sometimes doubting God’s existence. I spent time with people who didn’t go to church and even didn’t believe. All this deepened my own doubts. But luckily and quickly I realized that without faith, without God in my life, there would be even more doubts and more questions without any answers, and that there is less meaning in life in general. I am sharing this with you because I believe that in each one of us there is a little bit of that prodigal son. We all have moments of doubts, we all have our faith shaken at times. However, most of us are able to admit that we can’t exist without God, that it is impossible to go through this life without faith. So, we return to God, begging Him to forgive and to give us another chance. And He always does because He is a loving and forgiving Father who rejoices when we are able to admit our mistakes and ask for His forgiveness. He always will welcome us back to His home.

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