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Saturday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

We are responsible for our actions. We can’t blame anybody else for our wrongdoing, for all those bad decisions we made in life. Many times, when hearing confessions, I hear someone confessing their sin and then quickly justifying his or her action. For example: I took something from work that didn’t belong to me, but everybody does it. Besides, my company would throw it away anyway. Or - I yelled at my wife, but she provoked me; I lied because I didn’t want to hurt him by telling the truth; I swore while driving because that driver just cut in front of my car; I gossiped because everybody does. God doesn’t want your excuses nor your blaming others for your sins, He just wants you to be truly sorry for your sins. Just like King Herod who beheaded John the Baptist, he could blame Herodias and her daughter for manipulating him and made him do it. But in the end, it was Herod who made that terrible decision. We are responsible for our decisions; no need to blame others.

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