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Saturday of the Third Week of Advent ‘a’

Jesus is both God and human, and today’s gospel reading which provides us with the genealogy of Christ proves the divine nature of our Christ. Most times we look at Jesus primarily as our God, but it is necessary to see Him also as a human, as one of us. Think about that for a moment -- and imagine that our God also experienced joy and sadness, sickness and health, love and rejection, hunger, thirst, pain, fear, friendship, disappointment, and He also experienced death. We have a God that we can relate to so much because He experienced exactly what we go through in this life. That is why God is never angry at you because He knows how difficult it is to avoid sin, temptations, and how easy it is to make bad choices in life. No, He never sinned, but He was tempted in the same way that you experience temptation. Our God knows what it means to be human.

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