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Saturday of the Twenty First Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

We come into this world without anything. When we are born, we come naked. But then we quickly grow and learn more about this world and gain and collect more material things. We learn new words, more and more of them. Then we learn new things, about history, about geography, music, science, and sports. We read more books; we go to work to earn more money, then we buy more things. We constantly gain something and learn new things. That is important because we all want to grow, have a better life, and gain more knowledge and wisdom. Jesus reminds us today that it should be the same way with our spiritual life. We can’t just stop at one point. We need to grow, we need to learn more and gain more graces to let our spirit grow. You have received that wonderful gift of the sacrament of baptism; however, you can’t just stop there, you need to multiply all the graces and grow in the Spirit.

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