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Second Sunday of Advent ‘b’

If you were asked, ‘do you want to be saved?’ or, ‘do you want to go to Heaven?’ I am sure that you would say yes, I do, and of course I do too. Nobody wants to be condemned; we want to be saved. I may not be sure what will happen after death, but, sure, if I were asked ‘what is my choice’, then absolutely -- heaven! But what about others, especially those I don’t necessary care for, do I hope for their salvation? Maybe not so much. John the Baptist not only cared about his own salvation but most importantly, he cared for the salvation of all. That’s why he called people to repent and be baptized. Today, I am reminded that I need to care for others, especially for their salvation. It is my call not to think only about my own salvation but also for other people.

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