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Second Sunday of Easter- Sunday of Divine Mercy

Second Sunday of Easter is also called Divine Mercy Sunday, simply because we want to be thankful for Christ’s Mercy. And we should be. Why? Because His mercy is beyond any limit. He said that we should not only forgive seven times but 77 times, and so that’s what He does to us. He is ALWAYS ready to forgive us our sins. How many times do you go to confession, count your sins, and make the promise not to commit them again? And then how many times do you sin again? Someone once told me: Father, I am embarrassed go to confession because I confess the same things, despite the fact that I promised not to sin anymore. Jesus doesn’t care about our sins, but He wants us to ask for forgiveness. He wants us to be sorry and to try not to sin again. If we approach him with humility, He is always ready to forgive, because He is ALWAYS merciful. “Do not be unbelieving but believe.”

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