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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘a’

When my mom died, I remember when I and my siblings were going through some of her belongings. We found a shoe box with many old photographs of our family. I saw pictures of myself when I was baptized, some from my first Holy Communion, as well as my brother’s and sisters’. We laughed, we shared some memories, but when I looked at those old pictures, I was able to see us as very innocent children -- happy without not much to worry about. But today, we all are different, mature, not so much innocent anymore. So, what happened along the way? It’s simple. As we all grow and become more and more exposed to this world and to different people, we discover that here, all around us, is also much evil. It will tempt us constantly to sin, to lie, to cheat, to hate, to curse, and to make bad decisions. It is just like in that parable about the man who sowed only good seed in his field. However, when he was asleep, an evil person came and sowed bad seed in the same field. So, the good wheat grew among the bad weeds. This parable reminds us that evil is around us and will always be so. We just need to make sure not to get influenced by it and not to be scandalized by it. There will be a day of harvest when God will separate good from evil.

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