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Solemnity of All Saints (31 Sunday in ordinary time)

MT 5:1-12A

Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Feeling tired, overwhelmed and disappointed a lot of the time? Even disappointed in things that should give us hope, peace and shelter like the Church and some clergy who took advantage of the most innocent? Tired of this pandemic, all these new regulations and trying to help your children with e-learning, hoping that soon they would be able to leave the house and play with their friends? Overwhelmed with an abusive husband, or an addicted daughter, praying and praying for them? Or still grieving the loss of a loved one? Yes, so many times we just want to give up. But there is something that keeps us going and that ‘something’ is the belief that there will be a reward for our sacrifices in this life. Yes, I truly believe that there will be that reward because Jesus is telling us that today: Blessed are you who experience all of these difficulties now, because you will be happy, satisfied, you surely will be rewarded!

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