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Solemnity of St. Peter and Paul- Apostles

Mt 16:13-19

There might be many very famous and popular people that you know and whom you would like to personally meet. However, this is not always possible. Perhaps there is a famous singer, or an athlete, or an actor that you really like but you can’t meet for obvious reason. Or maybe your dream is just to sit down, talk with, and get to know our pope Francis, but you can’t because he lives far away. Besides he can’t just meet with anyone that wants to meet him. And even though you can’t get to know these famous people personally, you kind of got to know them by watching them on TV, reading about them, or maybe by listening to a good interview. That’s how you can learn what kind of persons they are. But still, this is not enough, since the media can fabricate an image of that particular person that is not true. Today Jesus asks His disciples a simple question -- what do people say about me? And right after that He wants them to answer a much more intimate question -- whom do you say that I am? See, there will be many different opinions about our Lord. You will hear different comments about Christianity and religion from others but not all of them will be true. Some might be even hurtful. So, Jesus wants you and only you to answer this question -- who am I to you? Not what others say about me or how they portray me, but you -- who am I to you?

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