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Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles

Is the end of the Church near? I am not referring to any building but to the whole universal Catholic Church. Is its ending coming? I am asking this because this is what you can hear from those who wish that our church would stop existing. So, they may say things like: nobody goes to church anymore, only some older people, there are less and less vocations to the priesthood, many of church buildings need to be permanently closed, and on the top of all this are the scandals in the Church. Hearing things like this but also observing yourself all kinds of flaws in our Church may discourage you too. Is this really the end of our Church? Of course not! The Church will never end no matter what difficulties it will face. There were more challenging times in the past and the Church has survived. Why? Because the Church is built on a solid rock. Many tried and will try to destroy it from outside and also from inside, but the church will not end; it will not end because Christ is the Head of His Church. The Church wasn’t established by humans, but by God Himself; and what God started only God can finish.

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