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Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

Can you imagine an angel coming to you with an announcement? Wouldn’t you be surprised, or even terrified. Probably thinking that you are dreaming. But not only that, if an angel came to me, I think I would agree to everything that he is telling me to do. God could have sent whomever He wanted with this special announcement to Mary, but He chose an angel, a ‘creature’ out of this world. Why? I am thinking that if Mary had a visit from a regular person, even if that person were someone very important and very respected, it would be so much more difficult for Mary to say YES to what was asked of her to do. Today’s feast day makes me understand that it is ok to have doubts; even Mary had doubts. God sent an angel to her so she would be more convinced of His will for her. God knows that we have doubts and that at times it is very difficult to discover what is His will for us. He may not send us an angel with an announcement, but He does have some special task for each one of us.

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