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Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary. But there is no proof in the bible that Mary was taken into heaven with her body and soul. Well, there is also no proof that she wasn’t. Very often people of different religions or from other Christian churches might ask: Why do you Catholics believe in the assumption if there is nothing in the scripture about it? And there are times that we ourselves are puzzled by such questions and don’t know how to defend this truth. Or perhaps, we ourselves have doubts of that. It is true -- nothing directly can be found in the bible about the assumption of Mary. But we Catholics don’t ONLY believe in the words written in the bible, but also in the spoken words that are handed to us by our Catholic Church which we call Tradition. There are things we believe that are nowhere in the bible but were orally passed down beginning with the first disciples of Christ and then on through many generations and ultimately handed to us today by the teaching of our Church. The bible is extremely important to us, but this is not the one and only source of our beliefs. Besides, I want to believe that Mary was taken to heaven with her beautiful body, uncorrupted by sin.

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