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Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary

What is God’s will for me? Sometimes we struggle with this question because it is often difficult to find out what God wants me to become, or to do. Perhaps it was much easier for the Virgin Mary because God sent the Angel Gabriel to her who announced what God wanted her to do for Him. I think that if the Angel were to appear right in front of me and tell me what God’s plan is for my life, it would certainly be easier to do it than to struggle to try and figure it out. Yes, perhaps it was easier for Mary, but I think that she was able to listen and that’s why God sent Gabriel to her. I am reminded today that I need to listen more. In this busy world there are so many things to remember, to think about, so many things to do, that I tend to forget to stop, to pray and to listen. Maybe it’s is only my own fault for not being able to find out what God wants from me, since I have no time to listen.

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