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Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist


I have met some very talented children. Perhaps, your child is one of them and developed in his or her early stage of life some incredible talent. Some children are very talented at music, playing instruments, some in sports, some are extraordinary in mathematics, and some can write and read much earlier than children of the same age. Today we celebrate the feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was for sure an extraordinary child, chosen by God, blessed by God. Even His relatives and friends were asking: “What, then, will this child be?” However, John the Baptist as a child didn’t have any extraordinary talents in learning, or in music, or in sports - at least we don’t know of any. But he was special because as the Gospel describes him: “For surely the hand of the Lord was with him. The child grew and became strong in spirit.” He was strong in spirit, meaning, he was close to God. We all should be thankful for our young and very talented children, but more than that, we need to ask God to bless our children with a great spirit and love for God.

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