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Thanksgiving Day

Jesus cleansed ten people but only one came back to thank Him and he was a foreigner. It seems to me that the other nine simply thought that they deserved this miracle, and that because they belonged to the chosen nation, they had a right to be healed. We too today take many things for granted and we forget to be thankful, first to God for all that He has given us, and then to other people who do many good things for us. Today, on this Thanksgiving Day, we need to reflect on whether we can give thanks and gratitude for what we have, or like those nine from the gospel reading today, we think we are entitled to everything we have. How much in your personal prayer do you say ‘thank you’ to God for what He has given you? How many times do you say ‘thank you’ to your spouse, to your parents, to your teachers, or to the person at the restaurant who was serving you? Let us not be greedy; let us not be envious. But let us always be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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