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The 7 day in the Octave of Christmas

It is always very frustrating if you are certain that what you are saying is the truth, but others don’t believe you. You try to convince them, but it doesn’t work. A couple days ago, I was watching an interesting movie. It was about a couple of astronomers who discovered a large comet that was going directly towards the earth and would for sure destroy it. Even though they had proved and demonstrated that this was true and that it would actually happen, nobody believed them. They actually made fun of them. You can have similar experience sharing your beliefs with others, but they will never believe. Or look around our world today; so many still don’t believe that the Covid is a deadly virus even though we witness each day lots of people dying from it. John the Baptist had a similar experience -- he was screaming, trying to convince people that Jesus is the ONE, the Messiah, the awaited Son of God, but many still didn’t believe him at all. “He came to what was his own, but his own people did not accept him.” We are invited today to share the truth of God coming to us and becoming one of us, even if others will ridicule us and won’t believe. Nothing new…

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