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The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The Holy Family, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, did they need to follow the law, did they need to present baby Jesus to the Lord in the temple? Maybe they didn’t need to do that, they were so perfect and so holy, but still they wanted to do what was right, what was in their religious custom and tradition. Today some would say: why do I have to go to church? God is everywhere and I can talk and pray to Him whenever and wherever I want. Confession? No way, I can confess directly to Go, I don’t need the priest. Why should I baptize my child? when she gets older, then let her choose what religion she wants to practice. Or- I don’t believe in what the Church teaches, this or that is not in the Bible… We all have heard arguments like that before. Today I look at the Holy Family and am amazed that they followed the law of Moses and fulfilled all the prescriptions of the law and their tradition with humility and no hesitation. They teach us that these things are still important.

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