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The Nativity of The Lord

Sometimes I think that God doesn’t understand me, or that He is so distant from me. I may say: you are God, you can do everything, but I sometimes wonder if you have any idea how difficult my life can be with all its temptations, pain, challenges, and so on. But today, on Christmas day, I realize that You, God, became human so that you could also experience the challenges of this life. God didn’t choose to take on a life without pain, or difficulties and challenges. Instead, He decided to experience exactly what we experience here on earth, and at the end He died like we die. Yes, God knows exactly how my life can be sometimes with all its ups and downs because He was human like me, and as a human being He experienced everything: temptations, loneliness, poverty, hunger, fear, love, joy, anxiety, pain, tears, sickness and much more. He was like us in all things but sin.

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