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The Nativity of the Lord


The Season of Advent is over, the Lord has come to us. Perhaps you had some Advent resolutions; now is the time to ask yourself if you fulfilled them or not. The time of anticipation came to an end and now we can rejoice in the Nativity. It is sad that some people forget about these days so quickly. Christmas is over, tomorrow is another day, time to get back to the ordinary. You know what caught my attention reading one of the gospel readings for Christmas - the one little sentence: “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” There are many things happening in our lives: we get busy, Advent and Christmas, sharing food, visiting family and friends, shopping, decorating, buying gifts -- all this can be overwhelming. For Mary it was no different. Her life totally changed after she became the Mother of God, but she was able to reflect and to pray. In this busy world, look at Mary and learn from Her how to make room for God in your life.

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