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The Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity

There were many who tried to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity, but they couldn’t. We can only understand so much and bear so much, since while here on this earth we are limited to our senses, to our bodies, to the times we live in, to our imagination, and to many other factors. We can only go so far and grasp so much, but not everything. The mystery of the Holy Trinity is one of those beliefs that even the greatest saints and theologians couldn’t understand nor explain. It is a matter of believing with hope that one day all will be explained to us. Therefore, Jesus said today in the Gospel reading: “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now” -- not now, not yet, but one day. We just need to pray for stronger faith, so we won’t get discouraged of following Jesus, because there are things that we can’t fully understand.

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