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  • Fr. Kris

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘a’

Mt 4:12-23 or 4:12-17

From being simple fisherman, they became fishers of man. In other words, from being experts in caching fish, they transformed into experts in catching people and bringing them to Jesus and His Church. We all are good at some things. Perhaps you also are an expert in fishing, like those first disciples, or maybe you are a great cook, or you are great in some particular discipline of sport. Maybe you know multiple languages, or you are a great doctor and surgeon, or maybe you can fix any kind of cars. All these above are great and very valuable skills and talents. However, as Christians, those whom Jesus called to be His disciples, you and I, must become experts in catching people and bringing them to Christ. Our mission is to help make our Church grow. Today is no different than 2000 years ago, and we just like those first fisherman are called to catch others and bring them to the Church.

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