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Third Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘b’


We read that when Jesus called His first disciples, “they abandoned their nets and followed him.” We all know that they were fisherman; that’s why they needed those nets to catch the fish. That was their job. However, when you think about this a little more deeply, you would realize that the nets may also represent a trap or enslavement. The nets limit freedom. And so, in a similar way, we became enslaved and lose our freedom when we get caught in the nets of sin. When Jesus called those fishermen, He told them: “come after me”- leave those nets behind, leave your old sinful way of living behind, and become free, become my disciple. Jesus calls me and you to follow Him. But in order to become His follower, we must leave any net of sin behind us. We need to free ourselves from the net of sin and follow the Lord.

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