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Third Sunday of Easter- C

When people are in love, they express that love in many ways. But the easiest way to express that love is simply to say -- I love you. Parents tell their children – I love you -- on many occasions, husband and wife also say that to each other, and children often say – I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you grandpa or grandma. If we love someone, we want to say that and repeat as often as we can. Jesus also wants to hear our ‘I love you’ not only once but on many occasions. That’s why He kept asking Simon Peter three times -- Peter, do you love me? Today, we need to think about our prayer and about what we say when we talk to Jesus, talk to God. Do we only ask for things that we want, or are we able to repeat often, Lord, I love you? Perhaps, we don’t tell Him that we love Him enough. And if you love Him, take care of His sheep.

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