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Third Sunday of Lent ‘c’

Recently, I spoke with a person who told me that he stopped going to confession. He was simply discouraged of confessing his sins, only because he kept committing the same sins again and again. But isn’t this the case with most of us? We go to confession to be forgiven and we make great promises to God and then fail again. I always say that God knows that we are sinners, and He knows that we are unfaithful to our promises, but that’s not so important. What counts is our humility and ability to admit that we are sinners, and we need God’s help and mercy. God is patient and He will give us another chance to try again and again. Just like with that fig tree that didn’t bring forth any fruit -- it was given another season, another chance. We all are given another chance, another day, another year, and if we continue asking for more time to convert and to start bringing forth fruit, God will give us it.

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