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Thursday after Ash Wednesday ‘b’

We don’t have to follow Jesus. No, we can just choose other ways in life, not even thinking about Jesus. We are free to choose. We are not being forced toward anything. And we know that the life of a Christian is not easy. In many ways this world rejects Christians, rejects morality, rejects even God. And we have a choice to be on one side or the other. Jesus doesn’t tell us ‘you must follow me, this is the only way for you, nor I order you to take up your cross and be my disciple.’ No! Jesus gives us an invitation and says: “If anyone WISHES to come after me…” We can choose not to follow Jesus, but if we WISH to follow Him, we need to embrace our crosses because this life may not be easy. I like that Jesus respects our free will and lets us choose. The choice is mine --- and yours.

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