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Thursday of the 1 week of ordinary time ‘b’

He was made clean, the leprosy was gone, he could once again join his family and his community and not being an outcast. What a happy day for that man. Jesus restored him back to fullness of health and told him not to publicize the miracle. But how to keep it a secret if after so many years of being an outcast from society without any hope for a change, the miracle finally happened, and he was made clean and healthy again. Jesus makes us clean all the time, maybe not physically clean but he cleans our soul and restores it back to the innocence and purity. This is especially true in the sacrament of reconciliation. But are we overjoyed with happiness like that leper from the gospel? Most of us are physically healthy, but what we need more often is to have Jesus heal our souls. Then if that happen, we would be like that leper- happy and joyful.

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