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Thursday of the 13 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Mt 9:1-8

There is nothing that you can hide from God. He always knows what you are thinking. Today in the Gospel reading some people were offended when Jesus said to the poor paralytic: Man, ‘your sins are forgiven’. But they were afraid to say anything in a loud voice to Jesus, so they were just thinking it, not knowing that Jesus could read their minds. They must have been very shocked to find out that He already knew that in their minds they had accused Him of blaspheming. We all have different thoughts, good and bad, and we may think that nobody knows what is going on in our heads. But Jesus knows all our thoughts. Let us try working on getting rid of all the bad thoughts that we have. If our thoughts are good then accordingly our actions also will be good and right. We don’t want the opposite.

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