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Thursday of the 14 week in ordinary time

I wish more people would come to church, attend masses, and receive the sacraments. Many young people are no longer coming to mass to pray. Many things have been done to refresh our faith and eagerness in people, but still many decide not to come/ What is even worse is their not following Christ’s teaching. It is disappointing, and I know that some of you have a family member that you wish would practice the faith that you gave to him or her, but for many reasons they don’t. Today Jesus tells us that not everyone is ready to accept Him. Perhaps we need to wait, we need to pray for them and give them a good example of our love for them and for the Lord. But there will be times when we won’t be able to change their decisions. Just accept this, wish them peace, and pray for them. This is all we can do; the rest belongs to Christ.

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