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Thursday of the 2 week in Lent ‘b’

This world is unjust! Obviously, there is no justice here -- one is rich, the other one is so poor that he is always hungry. One is good looking and healthy, while another person struggles with illness and other diseases. One has a wonderful family, and the other is always lonely. I am sure that just like me, you ask God sometimes, why is that? Why is this world so unjust? But then when I read today’s parable from the Gospel, I am reminded again that even though this world may be unjust to so many, yet God is always just. In the end we all will leave this world, whether we are rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or not, we will leave this unjust world to be justified by God. God knows our struggles in this world and just as for the poor man from the Gospel today, he will reward us for all our sacrifices in this world. In the end the question is: is it worthy to suffer here for only a little time but gain happiness in eternal life; or- is it better to ‘use up’ all of my blessings and happiness here, but never reach life eternal?

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