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Thursday of the 2 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Amazing how many people followed Jesus. They were so excited to see Him, to listen to Him and to receive His help, even to the point that He and His disciples needed to get into boats and try to stay away from the crowds. Otherwise, they might crush Him, as we read in the Gospel today. We may compare that situation to some famous people of today, certain celebrities that people would wait many hours so they could just see them, touch them, or receive their autograph. I think that many of us just got used to having such an easy access to Jesus today that we don’t press to see Him, to touch Him, or to taste Him. We may feel that we are entitled to His presence, and so we stopped being excited about having Him here in our midst. I think today we need to think of those crowds that would do anything to see Him and try to awaken in ourselves the same eagerness and excitement of having Jesus with us.

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