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Thursday of the 25 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Have you ever done something that you were not proud of? or even more so, that you are ashamed of? I think we all have. How about your sins? Have you ever committed a sin that you are now ashamed of? Maybe if you could, you would go back in time and change those past mistakes, but you can’t. What can we do? We can only seek the mercy of God. God knows that sometimes we make poor choices in life, and He knows how weak we are and give-in to temptation which leads us to sin. But we can be forgiven for those sins and bad choices only when we seek the mercy of God. I am not sure why Herod was trying to see Jesus, but perhaps he wanted to apologize for killing John the Baptist and ask for forgiveness. We don’t know if that was what Herod was after, but we know, that after we sin, we should try to see God and ask for His forgiveness.

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