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Thursday of the 28 week in ordinary time

I am sure that there are many good food recipes that have been in your family for generations. It may be a delicious cake recipe or special Thanksgiving turkey, or a perfect BBQ ribs sauce that only some members of your family know how to prepare, how to cook and what spices to add. Sometimes those recipes remain as a secret and are passed down only to members of the family. You might invite guests to your home for dinner, but if they ask you what did you add, or how did you make your favorite dish, you simply won’t share the recipe because it is “for my eyes only”. There is nothing wrong with that, but today in the Gospel Jesus continues to say ‘woe’ to those who are called to share their knowledge and wisdom with others, and are not to keep it to themselves only. And when it comes to our Christianity, we are all called to spread the good news and to teach others about Christ and the Gospel and not keep it only to ourselves. We are allowed to keep our family recipes for ourselves, but we are not allowed to keep our knowledge of Christ to ourselves. We have to share that with others, and this is our call.

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