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Thursday of the 28 week in ordinary time ‘b’

“Woe to you!” – we hear in the gospel reading today quite often. Jesus is warning those who were supposed to be the messengers of God and to help others to get to know God, get closer to him. They should have become like bridges connecting God and His people. But instead, they went after their own pleasures and honors, forgetting about God’s people. During my seminary formation, I have heard many times that we priests should become like bridges that connect God and His people because we received the knowledge and formation which enables us to help others to live better, according to God’s will. Being a bridge requires also humility -- people walk over them. So, those who were chosen to be priests, pastors, bishops and others should not seek their own honors and pleasures but should be humble and help others get closer to God. To those who forgot about this, Jesus addresses His warning: “Woe to you!”

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