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Thursday of the 3 week of Easter ‘b’

Holy Communion, the Bread, the Host, the Eucharist, the Body of Christ- that’s what we call that little piece of host that we consume during the mass. Today Jesus is raising a question: do you believe? Because if you believe, you will have eternal life. Do you believe in what? Do you believe that this little piece of host truly is the Body of Christ and that the wine is His Precious Blood? Of course, I do! Or, I should rather say, I hope I do. I receive the Eucharist very often, but at times I forget that this is truly Jesus himself. At times I am so occupied with other things that I forget that Jesus is coming to me. Or sometimes I just forget what He said, or simply can’t recognize Him in that tiny piece of bread and so it becomes only a symbol for me. Sounds familiar? Jesus is truly present in each Eucharist and He reminds us again today, if you truly believe that I am the bread of life, you will have eternal life.

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