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Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

Mt 6:7-15

In praying, do not babble like the pagans, who think that they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them.” Today, Jesus not only teaches us how to pray and gives us the right words in the Lord’s Prayer, but at the same time warns us about what not to do, what to avoid. The prayer is not only a litany of requests, nor a repeating of all the prayers we have learned, but it is an intimate relationship with God, the Father. So, Jesus reminds us today -- don’t talk too much when you pray, don’t get too busy, don’t try to remember all of your requests, since God knows what you need even before you ask Him. Be simple, try to listen, express your love and trust in your Heavenly Father. Prayer shouldn’t become a tiring experience, but a pleasure of being with someone that loves you and you love Him. How do you pray?

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