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Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time ‘b’


Why would Jesus instruct the Twelve to go forth to preach with authority but to take nothing with them on the journey? It is obvious that when you are preparing for travel, you pack necessary things. So, why did Jesus instruct the Twelve “to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick –no food, no sack, no money in their belts.” I think that Jesus wants His disciples to have total trust in His providence. And we are not talking about a simple journey but about a spiritual journey. Just like the Twelve, we are invited to go into the world and to bring Jesus to others. However, we may be afraid that we are not equipped enough to do that. We may start making excuses that the priests and nuns are trained to do that. You may think you don’t have enough knowledge or even enough faith. But today Jesus is telling you -- don’t worry about anything. Just tell others about me, share my love with others, and have trust in me. I will be there with you. For this journey you don’t need anything else.

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