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Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter ‘a’

We come to church for several very important reasons. We go there to receive the food from heaven -- the Body of Christ; we listen and meditate on the word of God; we worship God as a community. We also come to be reminded that we are one community, one family of believers. That’s why we want to talk to each other, to share the sign of peace, to meet new people, and to pray. However, it might be difficult to pray and to focus when there are people around. It is very important for us to worship and come together as a large community, but there are also times when we need to step aside and find a quiet place where we can talk and listen to our Lord. When I read the gospel for today, I imagine Jesus going to a separated place, away from everybody, and raising His eyes to heaven to pray for His disciples. I think Jesus wants to remind us that we need to find time and a place for our private adoration. “Lifting up his eyes to heaven, Jesus prayed.”

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