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Thursday of the Third Week in Advent ‘a’

I am sure that some of those who went to the desert to listen to John the Baptist came back angry, disappointed, or maybe even offended. Especially those leaders of religion who probably were expecting John to praise them for their knowledge of the law and tradition. But instead, John called them “brood of vipers”. Perhaps you too leave the church on Sunday disappointed or angry because you didn’t hear in the homily what you were expecting to hear. Perhaps the homily was so strong and the message ‘hit home’ reminding you that there are certain things you need to change, and for which you need to repent. Most of the time we expect to hear that Jesus loves us, that He is merciful and forgiving -- and so He is. But at the same time, He tells us to repent, to turn away from sin, and to live morally. John the Baptist was speaking about conversion, not because he wanted to hurt anyone, but because he cared about others and their salvation. So, Jesus says today: what did you go out to that desert to see, to hear -- that everything you do is OK? No, not everything is OK, and you need to hear the truth. What do you go to church to hear?

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